Allergies and hypoallergenic dogs.

Allergies and shedding, my person peeve about the misinformation. Allergies to pets are caused by dander (skin flakes) not shedding hair. Bathing & brushing frequently, can remove most the loose dander and hair. The term hypoallergic is used with Cotons because of the frequent grooming. All dogs (in fact all mammals, including humans) shed hair and dander, even the “hairless” breeds. All of us (dog, human, cat, etc.) will lose 2-3 layers of skin cells each day. Hypoallergic means “less allergies,” not no allergies. Don’t ask a “puppy-seller” if the dog will cause allergies, ask a Pediatrician, Allergist, or other medical professional. Anyone with significant allergies should follow the recommendations of their physician.