Caveat Emptor

Or Buyer’s beware. Cotons are being found in puppy mills frequently. Any prospective buyer should insist on authentic documentation before they purchase. Many “registrations” are available such as APRI (American Pet Registry, Inc); NKC (National Kennel Club); ACR (American Canine Registry); DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc); NAPR (North America Purebred Registry, Inc); CKC (Continental Kennel Club). These do not document actual pedigrees, pure-bred puppies, DNA analysis, nor health testing. Another trick is to use pictures, pedigrees and health screening from reputable breeders and tell prospective owners the “paperwork showing new owner hasn’t been completed.”

If you chose to spend money purchasing a puppy, please understand your purchase. Any dog, regardless of its origins is a large investment in time, emotional energy and cash. A horrible percent of abandoned dogs are from “purebred breeders.”

As a member of a rescue organization, I am a firm supporter of rescues, but not all rescues find a home that fits. I have seen purebred dogs with curved spines, misaligned teeth, digestive disorders, and behavior problems. And numerous other expensive problems. I have paid thousands of dollars on vet expenses for “free” dogs, spent time, energy and earned untold grief. And I am sure I will do it again. Caveat emptor.

What about rescue?  Fortunately, there are actually few Cotons in rescue.  Any responsible breeder will assist with re-homing if needed.  What is seen, are puppy seller masquerading as rescue.  The puppies are purchased wholesale and sold often online.

Amish puppy mills

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